Tailormade Tours

Tailormade Tours

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  • Tailormade Tours
  • Tailormade Tours
  • Tailormade Tours
  • Tailormade Tours
  • Tailormade Tours
  • Tailormade Tours

Did you like one of our tours but its date or time does not fit into your calendar? Or maybe you just want a private tour for you and your group of friends and family? Your group is too large (more than ten participants) and you want to promote a running event among friends or co-workers in order to strengthen teamwork, team motivation, strategic thinking or simply having fun together? 

Whatever your wishes are, we are ready to make them true. 

Fill in the form below describing in details what you need (the specific tour or area/monuments in Paris you are interested in, distance, departure time, number of participants, supplementary requests) and we will make our best to offer you the perfect active experience of Paris perfectly customized to your needs! 

Note: the price for the tailormade tour (except for groups) is 84 € per person for a maximum distance of 16 km (10 m). The fare may change if the required circuit is longer than that. It comprises pick-up and drop-off service at your place in Paris, provided that it's not located out of town (Paris banlieue, zones 3-5). Consult us about group discounts for 4 people and more.

✅ Pick-up and drop-off service (by running or public transport) at your hotel or apartment in Paris (provided it’s not located outside zones 1-2 of Paris)
✅ 1 bottle of still water for each participant
✅ Snacks (nuts or dried fruits)
✅ Free digital photos of your running tour
✅ Waterproof running jacket provided in case of rain

❌ Please come with appropriate shoes and running clothes. We're truly running :)
❌ We can't store clothes and large bags. Come with what we (and you) can actually carry while running
❌ We don't provide transportation tickets
❌ We don't provide entrances to monuments and museums along the route. We won't enter any of them because they will be closed during our run
❌ We also don't provide other meals and drinks than those specified above

Tailormade Tours

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