☀️ Paris Je t'aime (light/léger)

☀️ Paris Je t'aime (light/léger)

Running Tour

Monday 07:00
Tuesday 07:00
Wednesday 07:00
Thursday 07:00
Friday 07:00
Saturday 07:00
Sunday 07:00
~6 km / 4 m
  • ☀️ Paris Je t'aime (light/léger)
  • ☀️ Paris Je t'aime (light/léger)
  • ☀️ Paris Je t'aime (light/léger)
  • ☀️ Paris Je t'aime (light/léger)
  • ☀️ Paris Je t'aime (light/léger)

Tour Description

If you're a morning person, then join this early bird jog and see the main landmarks of Paris! You'll work out and sight-see before breakfast, having plenty of time to visit more in-depth later the places you liked the most during your running tour.

We carefully planned our starting time. Despite the early start at dawn, most of the run will happen at daylight, while Paris is still waking up and free from the crowd. You'll be able to have a clear view (and wonderful pictures!) of all the landmarks, and watch a while later a beautiful sunrise behind the Eiffel Tower, if the weather is in our favor!



The starting point of the tour will be the Saint-Michel square, in the heart of Paris. The finishing line will be Trocadéro square, with a breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower.



In around 1 1/2 hour (depending on your running pace), you’ll be able to see and to learn about the most famous places and landmarks of Paris, such as: the Notre-Dame Cathedral; the Seine river, with its fairy-tale palaces and castles, bridges and gardens; the Louvre Museum; the Tuileries garden; the Concorde square; the Champs-Elysées avenue; the Eiffel Tower; the Hotel des Invalides; the d’Orsay Museum; and much more!



✅ hydroalcoholic gel, disposable handkerchiefs and an infrared thermometer (temperature checks are mandatory at the start of the tour)

✅ one bottle of (still) water for each participant

✅ snacks (dried fruits or nuts)

✅ free digital pictures sent after the tour

✅ waterproof running jacket in case of rain (subject to availability)



🔴 Please come with your own mask

🔴 Your credit card and/or some pocket money in case you want to buy other drinks and meals than the one specified above

🔴 Public transportation tickets 

🔴 Clothes and trainers appropriate for running and the weather. We’re indeed running 🏃🏾

🔴 Please notice that we can’t store any bags or voluminous items. Come with what you (and us) can actually carry while running



❌ Transportation tickets to and from our meeting point/finishing line

❌ Entries to monuments and museums along the route

❌ Any other meals and drinks other than the ones specified above

❌ Please notice that we can’t store any bags or voluminous items



⚠️ Runners from all levels and paces and welcome! This isn't a race, it's a fun discovery of Paris at a relaxed pace. The slower in the group sets the pace for the others. Please don't worry: we won't leave you behind!

⚠️ In any case, you should be an active person who enjoys exercising and can run at least 5 km/3 m non-stop before signing up for this tour

⚠️ Minimum age: 6 years old

⚠️ We only allow minors of 18 years old when they have the expressed authorization of their parents or responsible adults

⚠️ Our experience starts on time. In order not to ruin the experience for the other guests, we kindly ask you to arrive at our meeting point around 5 minutes earlier. Please understand that we can't wait for any delays

⚠️ If you feel you're going to be late, let us know asap so we can think of a solution - for instance, you can join the tour another day

⚠️ Our tours go on rain or shine. In the event of inclement weather, we'll contact you for cancellations and rescheduling. If you don't hear from us, this means that we are keeping the tour



✔️Children up to 5 years old (in a stroller adapted to running provided by you) don't pay

✔️It's also possible to make this experience entirely private for you and/or your group, including the pick-up and drop-off service at your place in Paris (provided it's not located outside zones 1-2). Consult us for the pricing for private running tours

✔️Even if our running tours have always been done outdoors and with small groups, they have still been optimized to meet all of the new sanitary standards.

Meeting Point

Place Saint-Michel, Paris, France

We're meeting at the Saint-Michel square, between the Saint-Michel fountain and the entry to the metro station (if you're arriving from the Saint-Michel station, just take the exit number 3, called "Fontaine Saint-Michel").
  • Subway stations: Saint-Michel - Châtelet - Cluny-La Sorbonne
  • Train (RER) stations: Saint Michel-Notre-Dame - Châtelet

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